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Semi-permanent make-up is the process of applying micro-insertions of pigments in to the skin to create a subtle shadow of colour.  


State of the art techniques and equipment are used to enhance a variety of areas including eyebrows, lip blush, full lip, eyelashes, eyeliner and beauty spots. 


Semi-permanent make-up is medically tested to be safe. Procedures are carried out in a completely sterile environment, single only disposable needles are used and all pigments are made of natural minerals that are hypo-allergenic and non-toxic. 


The length in which semi-permanent make-up lasts in the skin can differ from person to person but a refresher treatment is recommended between 12-18 months. 


With semi-permanent make-up you have the confidence of looking flawless 24/7!






Semi- permanent make-up is a two-part procedure. The first stage consists of a consultation, where desired results will be discussed in depth as well as drawn on with pigment so you can get a good idea of what the final results will look like. Only after you are completely satisfied, the first stage of semi-permanent make-up will be applied. Immediate results will always appear slightly darker for the first few days, it will then fade slightly and a top up visit is required 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment. 


 A numbing cream is used during each procedure reducing discomfort and minimising potential of pain and swelling. The full healing process will last up to two weeks, where in which the treated area can be dry and flaky. Clients are asked to keep the treated area as hydrated as possible. 


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